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Support Network

The Office of Multicultural Affairs staff is available to meet regularly and on an individualized basis with students to support their retention and overall well-being. These meetings typically focus on a student’s academic performance and general adjustment to the campus community, as well as articulated special needs. Students may drop in or schedule an appointment . 

Over the years, professional staff, dedicated alumni, and a team of student leaders have initiated several support groups that serve as venues for reflection, personal growth and validation. Additionally, the Office of Multicultural Affairs serves as a resource to students in times of need. These groups often become valuable networks that help students rely upon and uphold one another.

Latino Students Network: Café con Leche
Café con Leche (Coffee and Milk) Discussions

Café con Leche is a social opportunity for self-identified Latin@/x students to connect with one another and meet Latin@/x faculty and staff (including non-Latin@/x allies) and engage in discussions regarding varying issues of interests in Latin@/x people. Community building and educational activities such as panel discussions, alumni visits, community building exercises, informal mentoring opportunities, and campus resource announcements will take place at select Café con Leche gatherings.

Women's Groups
Asian, Black, and Latina Women's Groups

OMA facilitates several Women's Groups where students regularly meet and engage in conversations about subjects that affect them academically, emotionally, and spiritually on the University's campus and in their personal lives. The discussion topics are student-selected and often student-led. Past topics have included discussions regarding self-esteem, self-awareness, conflict resolution, family relations, and dating relationships. Through the group, participants collectively become important sources of affirmation and support for one another, particularly during times of difficulty.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is another discussion-based group that meets monthly and is open to all women students. Girl Talk is larger than the individual Women's Groups and provides a forum for students to talk about issues of the day and other topics of interest. Girl Talk is student led and the executive board welcomes topic suggestions from participants.

Please contact OMA for more information about joining and meeting dates.

Men's Connection
Men's Support Group

The Men's Connection provides an opportunity for male students to interact with others who share the common experience of being under-represented students on campus. During their meetings participants are able to develop friendships, engage in lively conversations and debates, and form strong sources of support. Men's Connection helps participants define their own values and give voice to their experiences as students of color.

Blends of Traditional Heritages (B.O.T.H.)
Bi-racial/Multi-racial Support Group

B.O.T.H. is a proposed discussion group (adopted from the Multicultural Resource Center at The Pennsylvania State University) for students of bi-racial/multi-racial backgrounds, specifically those with one parent of Asian, Hispanic-Latino, Native-American/Indian, and/or African-American descent. B.O.T.H. is an outreach program sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA).

Members of B.O.T.H. will enjoy the supportive environment and openness of members in exchanging opinions, offering support, and learning from each other's perspective of the biracial/multiracial experience. The group determines the agenda for every other week or once a month. Viewing documentaries and films, taking part in activities that promote conversations about contemporary topics or current events that impact their world view, and socializing (barbecues, bowling, game nights, etc.) are just a few of the many planned activities.

Please contact OMA if you are interested in joining this group.

Black Alumni Network
University of Richmond Black Alumni Network (URBAN)

URBAN elevates the goodwill and intentions of the Alumni Association, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and the University of Richmond through service, educational programs, and social activities to maintain and ensure the historic legacy of African-American, African, and Caribbean students.

Feel free to email to find out how to join URBAN or with any other questions you might have. Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for news and up-to-the-minute information.

Women's Groups

For more information on any of the Women's Groups or Girl Talk, please contact Dr. Tina Cade or Dr. Morgan Russell

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