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Recent Events - Holi Fest 2019: Festival of Colors! 

The South Asian Student Alliance (S.A.S.A) hosted with us hosted Holi ("The festival of colors") 2019! Holi is a festival celebrated in the South Asian subcontinent signifying the victory of good over evil and the onset of spring. It is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the region. Although it is a Hindu festival, people from most other religious backgrounds partake in the celebration. The same is true of the celebration we have here at UR. This year, Holi was on the 21st of March but the Spider community celebrated on Saturday, March 30th, from 1:30-3:30pm in Westhampton greens. Thank you for joining the celebration with our community on campus and across the globe! 

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Asian Heritage Month Celebration 2018: Celebrating South Asia!

The South Asian Student Alliance (S.A.S.A) highlights the diversity of South Asia, including but not limited to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, and Maldives, by promoting cultural understanding and exchange of ideas and views between the people of the University of Richmond and our surrounding community. This April, our campus celebrated the cultures and rich traditions of the diverse Asian community here at UR!

Asian Heritage Month is the annual celebration during the month of April that included anticipated events such as S.A.S.A’s celebration of Holi- the Hindu Festival of Colors. Held on April 14th in the Westhampton Greens, it included powdered color to play with, great Bollywood music and beverages.

We welcome you to attend all of our sponsored events to celebrate the legacy of the Asian community here at UR and around the globe.  

Additional Events:

Bollywood Jhatkas Showcase

The Bollywood Jhatkas celebrated dance and shared aspects of the South Asian culture!

Experience South Asia

S.A.S.A’s event Experience South Asia includes games, performances and delicious and traditional food showcasing the cultures of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal! Including dance and music performances by performers from the Richmond community and University of Richmond’s very own Bollywood Jhatkas.

Diwali Celebration

Spiders come together to celebrate Diwali with UR South Asian Student Alliance (SASA) at the Hindu Center of Virginia and dinner at Noorani Kabab House.

Contact the Planning Co-chairs

For more information, please contact the Asian Heritage Month planning chairs.

Knashka Underwood

David Hahn