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Oliver Hill Scholars Program

The Oliver Hill Scholars Program, named after Civil Rights icon Oliver Hill, Sr., is designed for academically accomplished, intellectually curious students who are interested in building a community of learners within a multicultural environment. During the academic year, Oliver Hill Scholars participate in engaging and culturally stimulating activities, some of which revolve around the African-American community. The Oliver Hill Scholars Program is named after Oliver White Hill, Sr., an attorney and civil rights leader from Richmond who was instrumental in legal cases concerning equal rights, voting rights, and employment protection. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999 in celebration of his contribution to the country. Admission to the program is competitive; students are selected prior to enrollment at Richmond.

Program Resources

Here are reports, checklists, and evaluation forms associated with the Oliver Hill Scholars Program:

Scholar Testimonials
Oliver Hill Scholar Events
Community Service Day restoring East End Cemetary
Oliver Hill Scholar Seniors
Faculty, staff, students, and guests for the Oliver Hill Race Relations Panel 2015