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About the Program 

The Scholarship

Effective for Fall 2018, the Oliver Hill Scholars will receive a combined merit scholarship valued at 50% tuition (inclusive of the 1/3 tuition Presidential Scholar and the additional Oliver Hill Scholar awards) for up to eight consecutive semesters of full time enrollment. In addition, scholars receive up to $3,000 in a one-time enrichment grant to support an approved student-selected activity that enhances the Oliver Hill Scholar’s academic experience. This grant is in addition to the funds available through the Richmond Guarantee. Up to 15 new participants are selected each year and the program operates throughout their four-year enrollment.

Program Involvement

The Oliver Hill Scholars Program is student-generated and frequently student-led. The scholars routinely share their experiences in an open and accepting environment, participating in a seminar series and other programs that meets throughout the year. The seminar sessions are geared to help students learn about ways to maximize their success on campus, and to hone their leadership skills. They are held on a bi-weekly basis and vary in regularity dependent upon each participant's class standing. During the academic year, The Oliver Hill Scholars program affords each scholar an opportunity to participate in a weekend long trip designed to further stimulate intellectual and cultural curiosity. A mentoring program and one-on-one meetings with the director are also available to Oliver Hill Scholars to provide additional individual and academic support.

For more information regarding the program, contact Dr. Tina Cade, program director, via email or by telephone at (804) 289-8032.